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NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction: What You Should Know

NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction is an advanced hair restoration treatment. The technique offers patients a new surgical method of fighting hair loss.

Who Can Get It Done?

NeoGraft is a hair-restoration technique that works for both men and women. It can treat hair loss that comes about due to a variety of factors, including male or female pattern baldness or other causes such as scarring due to surgery or trauma.

NeoGraft works through a process called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. FUE is a method that can treat moderate hair loss for those who are in otherwise good health. The sooner you get the procedure done and the sooner you begin medical treatment to control further hair loss, the better the results will be.

The Process of NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction

Like many cosmetic treatments, the process begins with a professional consultation. During the consultation, many essential details are discussed, such as your personal goals and the results you can achieve. Each procedure is customized to the needs of the patient. For example, if you have experienced progressive hair loss, the recommended treatment program may involve targeting treatment to a specific area.

NeoGraft is performed in several phases, starting with the marking of the hairline and the area to be treated. Afterward, the donor site is trimmed and the area anesthetized. All of the procedure is performed with local anesthesia. Next, the individual follicular units are extracted using the NeoGraft machine and a tiny <1 mm diameter punch. The NeoGraft system works using a combination of a tiny rotating punch and suction to extract hair follicles from a donor area where there is sufficient hair and that is not programmed to respond to the hormonal triggers that cause androgenetic alopecia.  The grafts are carefully harvested, making sure to follow the direction of hair growth and avoid damage to the follicular unit. Next, follicular units are cleaned, sorted, and prepared. In the next phase, the recipient site is prepared for the grafts. The area is anesthetized and the recipient sites are created with a needle or surgical blade, being careful in the angle and direction of the recipient sites which will soon hold the FUE grafts. The grafts are carefully placed in the recipient slits, and the angle, direction, and elevation of each graft is checked.

About three to six months later the grafts start to grow. It takes a full year to see the results from hair restoration surgery, the newly transplanted grafts giving the patient’s hair a fuller and natural appearance.

Recovery and Post-Treatment Care

In the first two weeks after the grafting process, hairs appear to fall out of the grafts following the transplantation process. What is actually happening during this phase is the grafted hairs are pushed into a sleep cycle. These sleeping hair shafts are pushed out as hairs beneath the surface start to regrow from the follicular unit. New hair grows out from these transplanted follicles during the following three to four months, leaving you with a fuller head of hair. The hair that grows back is your own natural hair. NeoGraft FUE treatment may also benefit from medication or topical treatment to further improve your results.

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NeoGraft is an advanced hair-restoration treatment that achieves natural-looking results by using your own hair. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaufman to learn more about the specifics of the FUE technique and the results you can achieve.